Well, I’m done with one class — actually I still have to do a final paper — but I learned some important lessons already. I took some risks and tried learning a simple… Continue reading

Reading Reflection VII: wired…not!

Seeing What’s Next: “Breaking the Wire” 2004. Christensen A critical piece here is pricing, mobile technology is only affordable with low capacity data: texting and voice. Video and data is extremely expensive, everywhere.… Continue reading

The common’s cattle

The tragedy of the commons may be why we are in perpetual reach for perfection but we can never reach it, if we did we would destroy ourselves and if give up trying,… Continue reading

Communities Online

“Communities in Cyberspace” The Hong Kongs, New Yorks and Tokyos of the Internet (NYT, 30 October 2007) The “Communities in Cyberspace” reading reinforces my view that in general the human reactions are similar… Continue reading

Small Group Presentation Report

My presentation went generally well with the three groups, although the first twpo group were more engaged. On the last minute, it occurred to me to ask the second and third group what… Continue reading

The Murkiness of Transparency

Through the many burned-by-blog-fire examples that Gillmor gives in his chapter “The Gates Come Down,” we get the sense that we are navigating through the waters of transformation of news media, very murky… Continue reading


McLuhan (1964, 2003) The Medium is the Message. McLuhan’s book had been sitting in my library for over a year. I tried to read it a few times, but I got flustered with… Continue reading

Peer Group 2 Discussion summary- Victorian Internet

1.    How can we use Victorian Internet to explain technology innovation The VI is a lesson in sociology, we need to pay attention to the psychological patterns that we have as humans, because… Continue reading

Finding a needle in a hay stack

Readings: “As We May Think,” by Vannevar Bush from The Atlantic Monthly, July 1945. “Whither Moore’s Law” in Christensen (Seeing What’s Next) Christensen Morse’s Law could renamed Bill Gates’ “640K ought to be… Continue reading