Three Rules to learning Digital Storytelling (Part II)

Rule #2 Find a Story you connect with Throughout most of The Five Obstructions, it is unclear why Leth subjects himself to this tortuous exercise. But at the end we discover that this… Continue reading

Three rules to learning digital storytelling (Part I)

Ever stared at the metaphorical white page in MS Word pondering what to write? In my second storytelling class I learned that the biggest constraint for creativity is the infinite number of possibilities… Continue reading

Documentaries & Research

[ ?posts_id=981797&dest=27435] An interview with Scott Macklin, CTO of UW Dept of Ed discussing how documentaries can be used for formal research and how this applies to his latest film, Masizakhe. This video… Continue reading social network + testoterone

Jeff Khadavi is the founder of the soon to be born, a site that leverages social network, data mining and venue info to do answer the quintessential question of what’s going on… Continue reading

Missing the boat on digital learning

As a follow up to my last post, I got this article “Research funds for technophiles” by Mark Bauerlein. He criticizes the tech fanatism (the author takes some stabs at some of my… Continue reading

Do we really need to teach digital skills?

Every where I turn there seems to be a foundation, organization or center developing curriculum to teach kids how to develop their digital skills. I confess I’m very skeptical of whether we really… Continue reading

The future of Advertising

I found this presentation on Slideshare and found it to be right on the money and provocative. **UPDATE**

Make me laugh

Lately I’ve been wondering why is entertainment so successful on the web. It seems to be the magic formula to making something viral or getting a lot of hits (that or pure controversy).… Continue reading

Four Elements Rant

[ ?posts_id=860200&dest=27435] This week we had to do a video using the Four elements. I had some issues with the Flip camera so I ended up using my iMac iSight camera. Music is… Continue reading