How to recieve the New Year, Venezuelan style

My husband is out buying some new yellow panties for me and for his mother (highly traumatic event which I’ll pay in therapy years for him). Not that big of deal people, yellow… Continue reading

Be timely, Be constant, Be useful: 3 principles in social web

This week I had the pleasure to talk to some of Seattle’s pro-bloggers: John Cook, Todd Bishop,Jason Preston and Michael Bean. I’m calling them pro-bloggers because they have managed to attract and retain a very… Continue reading

From outsourcing to crowdsourcing

Charlene Li sparked a bit of controversy by crowdsourcing her Logo using CrowdSPRING. Designers protested that services like CrowdSpring and 99Designs take work away from them and that you can’t get the same level of… Continue reading

Making sense of the web chaos

“Semantic, shemantics” says Alan Wilensky in reaction to today’s ReadWriteweb post: Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2008.  I have to agree with him that these apps just all seem to process existing data in different ways… Continue reading

A Digital Ecology: Yes we can!

As political analysts pour over reasons that led the Obama campaign to victory, one fact reveals itself: he better understands the role of the Internet as the predominant medium for reaching and activating… Continue reading

How Pickens Plan’s pickens social media

I just spoke to Joey Mornin, from YourRevolution and it’s really incredible what they are doing. In just two weeks these guy have delivered a formidable social media strategy (Joey has not slept… Continue reading

Growing pains of on-demand media

No one loses or wins in the battle of Netflix & Amazon on-demand streaming videos, says Betsy Shiffman from Wired Magazine. But judging by the reader comments, the Losers R US: the generation… Continue reading

Help me choose a new logo

How about a little crowd-wisdom here? Vote for your favorite logo below. Click on each logo for larger view 🙂 I’m in the process of redesigning my blog. I’ve gone through a few… Continue reading

Three rules to learning digital learning (part III)

Rule #3 Share it with an Audience Another rule in The Five Obstructions is that Leth must show his films to Von Trier and be present for his critique (they drink champagne and… Continue reading