Never Seen Baby Video Montage

I admit it. I thought babies were super cute, but kinda boring. Until mine came along and I contracted “myopic mommy mindsitis” which has me convinced that my baby is the most advanced,… Continue reading

New community project for bilingual families

I have a new motherhood project: creating a community of bi-lingual parents to share resources, tips and stories about raising children with two (or more) cultures and languages. I know I would benefit… Continue reading

Real Holidays

I spend hours looking at my baby in disbelief. Somehow I forgot what was like to be pregnant and the whole birth ordeal. It’s been 8 weeks since she’s been on this side… Continue reading

Baby book craze

The two first weeks of a mother were one of the most scariest and anxiety driven weeks of my life. Not knowing what to do with a newborn (and the hormones!),  I did… Continue reading

First few weeks with Alma, discovering parenthood.

Our little treasure, Alma Lucia, was born on October 30, 2010 after 28 hours of labor! She came out healthy, beautiful and hungry! It’s been three weeks since we welcomed her and I… Continue reading

5 ways to kill time while you wait for your newborn

Oh yes, I’m in that time where the clock seems to go backwards and I’m too tired to do much to entertain myself while I slowly drag through endless nights of no sleep… Continue reading

The insane mind of the pregnant woman

36 weeks and I have decided to convert our garage into an office. There was a perfectly logical explanation to this endeavor. I have no desk since my home office is now the… Continue reading

Crooked tree lesson for new parents

We don’t know how this happened. We measured, taped it up before pasting it, measured it again…and AGAIN. After one hour of debate and careful planning we went for it. When we stepped… Continue reading

Waiting for Our Baby Girl