How to cultivate rockstars and keep them in your team

I’m truly in awe and inspired by a young rising star who said to me: I would not be in marketing if you had not been my mentor […] and it has been the… Continue reading

From Cowboys to Tech Entrepreneurs, the new American Hero is not so

Move over American Cowboy, there’s a new hero in town. He’s a college dropout with a crazy idea who went out to Sillicon Valley (the new wild west with slightly higher real estate)… Continue reading

Oh, my country! From the distance.

“To prevent frogs from jumping out of the pot, first put them in cold water and then warm up the water slowly until it boils.”  This my mother told me. She was’t trying… Continue reading

Customer Service Lesson: Old rules still apply

The slew of digital channels today may have made companies drastically change their monitoring systems, organizational channels structure and even tone for how they respond to customer complaints because let’s face it, it’s like we… Continue reading

Why I believe in change and a brighter future

If you happen to know any child of former communists, you will know they tend to be pessimistic and sarcastic about the world. I’m one of them. My theory is that we grew… Continue reading

Eva Sofia Miner

We’re pretty good at making awesome baby girls!

Read it. Cause I said so! Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

I’ve been raving about this book since I got my hands on its first few Kindle rendered pages. My last business trip was a riot, mostly because I laughed the entire plane ride… Continue reading

Fisher Price, you win!

In a quest to be sophisticated parents that nurture our child with the best trendiest stuff experts tell us to buy, we’ve spent some serious cash on some nice, soft, aesthetics, educational, german-made… Continue reading

The artist’s wife

I once heard, that the difference between Design and Art is that Design answered questions and Art asked them. I often find myself in a messy situation. I feel a bit of coolness… Continue reading