About Me

Three things that define me:

  • I’m from Venezuela, but grew up in a tight circle of expat Argentine university professors.
  • I come from a family of romantic engineers and scientists.
  • I love art. And married it.

This is my personal blog and the opinions expresses in here are mine only and do not represent my past or present employers, clients or any other associates. I am a tech-marketer. I specialize in integrating technology, content and digital media strategy. Until recently, I was heading up marketing and communications for Artefact, a top-notch technology product design firm in Seattle. Now, I am leading corporate communications at the rapidly-growing Tableau Software.

With the media landscape changing and the barriers between marketing, PR and journalism blurred, I strive to be a new kind of communicator. One able to effectively navigate through the digital media ecology and utilizes technology to craft engaging messages and engage with audiences driving measurable business results, regardless of the channel. An integrator, if you will.

I’ve spent nearly a decade in New York (which makes me a lifer) and then moved to the Pacific North West. I’ve worked at American Express,  Digitas and Weber Shandwick. In my career I’ve build up skills in many aspects of marketing like, market analysis,  product management, web analytics, direct response, strategy marketing, ROIs and P&Ls, vendor management, affiliate programs, email, etc. and through it all, technology has been my passion and driver. Bouncing between working at agencies and clients led me to build a 360 view of the industry.

As I witnessed the first signs of the tremendous impact of social media in our industry, I decided to pursue a Masters in Digital Media at University of Washington. This degree is an experimental, integrated approach to understanding new communication strategies demanded in the complex world of digital media. I focused on storytelling and social media. Being back in school was like being a kid in a candy store. I got to try out all kinds of fun digital tools. I spent my days blogging, reading, producing videos, designing stuff, reading good old-fashioned books, writing papers and deliberating the future of the world. I love school.

Before entering the corporate world I spent six years involved in the leadership of AIESEC, the world’s largest student organization for cultural exchange. That took me to many places around the world and eventually landed me in New York.

I received my BA in Mass Communication from Universidad del Zulia in my native Venezuela. And I honor my Argentinean heritage by being a Tango aficionado. If I’m not in front of the computer, you can find me in a milonga playing with my two girls somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.