Do we really need to teach digital skills?

Forgotten Classroom by ne* photostreamEvery where I turn there seems to be a foundation, organization or center developing curriculum to teach kids how to develop their digital skills. I confess I’m very skeptical of whether we really need this, though I’m recognize that there are tremendous divides among the different social, economical and mental abilities among young people and perhaps this is the main reason why we need to develops new educational standards that include digital skills. Not everyone can pick up a computer and figure out how to blog…

But I’m skeptical that institutions can answer those needs by developing self-tutorials that really speak to the diverse conditions of youth around the world (or even just the U.S.) and I’m wondering how does all this fit in with the idea (one I love) of shifting the focus of the classroom from the teacher to the students.

(photo by ne, license under cc from Flicker)