The future of Advertising

I found this presentation on Slideshare and found it to be right on the money and provocative.


As you can see I got a comment back from the author of this presentation, Paul Isakon. I wrote him back to thank him for articulating how the marketing IS the product. How many times have you found yourself trying to make up some ‘value added’ campaign that would make a product or service look attractive to customers, when it fundamentally wasn’t. But how do you go back to the product owner and tell him/her: “well, here’s the best marketing strategy I can come for you: re-think your product.” Take a look to Paul’s ppt and you might get a good solid argument for these situations.

I also asked Paul for some more insight into new ways to research since I’m having to review all kinds of research methods for my “Research Strategies & Methods” class. Prof. Kathy Gill gave a lecture on using social networks and research (click here to see her slides) and I found it super-interesting (anything but focus groups, please!).