Happy 4th of July from an Immigrant

Rafeal Osio’s tale on the Washington Post highlights what many professionals who emigrate go through these days. I left Venezuela before the crisis peaked, mostly chasing a selfish thirst to fill my thirst to see… Continue reading

How you can change the world, today

On Wednesday I finished packing my bag. I had bought my mother her vitamins, I had a new dress I and got a haircut in order to look put together. I was getting ready… Continue reading

A year without you

A year ago today we said goodbye to me dear dad. I was a daddy’s girl and had the great fortune of having a GREAT dad. In his memory, I am publishing the… Continue reading

Happy day to my working mother

It’s mother’s day and even though I have two children of my own, this day fills up with memories of my mother rather than my own. My mother worked. She didn’t sew, cook,… Continue reading

Facebook vs Truth

My life on Facebook is an airbrushed and Instagrammed image of my real life” Sarah Emily Tuttle-Singer After my “raw” post about death, a friend pointed me to this post on Kevller.com (a parenting blog): We… Continue reading

Mirrors: Talking death over Skype

My best friend just told me that her father has terminal cancer. I know why she tells me this. We no longer have much in common. We rarely talk. But she knows I… Continue reading

The void that Chavez has left

A powerful man that I despised died today. His power has left a void. We all need to stare at that void for a while to understand how it was possible and to… Continue reading

Why you will stop watching YouTube

I never really got into YouTube.  I can watch TV because it’s easy to keep it in the background, but with online videos I can’t multi-task. They annoy me. Most of them are… Continue reading

Cultivating Rockstars: avoid the BS feedback

In my last post on cultivating rockstars, I alluded to the all too common BS feedback we often give like, “you need to be more strategic.” I consider it BS because it’s too broad and unspecific.… Continue reading